Pello Burp Cloths

Luxurious Plush Design. More than a Burp Cloth.  Pillowy, Padded Comfort: For baby's comfort and yours, the Pello Burp Cloth features plenty of extra padding and pillowy comfort. The extra padding also acts as a reinforced wetness barrier to keep you clean and dry.

Why Pello Burp Cloths?

  • HIGH-END LUXURY - Your little one will love snuggling into the luxurious softness of Pello's high-end
    fabrics. Made with premium 100% cotton and luxe brushed poly, the Pello Burp Cloth is gentle and
    soothing against sensitive skin, and won't cause any rashes or other irritations.
  • TOY AND TEETHER COMPATIBLE - The Pello Burp Cloth features a little satin loop at one end that is
    perfect for holding teethers, pacifiers, and other toys close at hand to help calm your baby after a big
  • EASY CARE AND CLEANING - When your Pello Burp Cloth needs freshening up, just throw it in the
    laundry for a quick spin! The Pello Burp Cloth is machine washable, so the soft, silky comfort will be
    back in action in no time.