The Newborn Lounger Babies Won't Outgrow. Over 15 Beautiful Style Combinations Available.

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Best Purchase By Alex, on July 18, 2018

I absolutely love this product. We used the Pello with our first son more than anything, and are finding the same with our second son. It’s comfortable, portable, helps them with tummy time and provides a cushion when they’re learning to sit. All over, a fantastic product...

 Perfect gift, babies LOVE it on June 28, 2018

Oh my goodness! I love this pillow. I have used ours with two children and they have both been obsessed with it.

Great for any age on January 13, 2018

Love the pello! Infant and toddler fight for time in it. Super soft and comfortable.

Great product! We used the boppy positioned pillow when ... on January 14, 2018

Great product!  Great for babies with reflux that need to be propped up.  Love the print and material - made well! Different from the dock a tot that we also have. The dock a tot is more for just sleeping and does not incline whereas this has many uses and we will keep using once she is older.

Best thing for our son By Rachel Uptain, on February 28th, 2018

This has been the best thing for our son! He outgrew is boppy infant lounger so this was a godsend! He absolutely adores it... The quality of material is great, and we got ours in a timely manner.  I recommend Pello to everyone I know that has or is having a baby!

I developed Pello out of a need for my own children to feel safe, warm and close to me while being stimulated. I hope the Pello Luxe Floor Pillow gives you and your baby many warm and cuddly moments that provide a lifetime of memories.

~ Love, Cindy


 The Perfect Gift . For All Ages . Multi-functional


Gentle Support . Ideal for Feeding . Portable


Luxurious Plush Design . More than a Burp Cloth


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