Pello Blankets

The Perfect Pello Companion: The Pello Blanket is designed to fit perfectly atop your tot's Pello, so
your little one can snuggle up while they relax or play. The Blanket also makes a great floormat for
tummy time.

Why Pello Blanket?

  • SOFT AND SNUGGLY FABRICS - Made with the same snuggly fabrics as the Pello, the Pello Blanket is extra
    soft and soothing against baby's skin. One side features cool and breathable 100% cotton, while the
    reverse offers a cozy luxe brushed poly for toasty naps and cuddles.
  • SPACIOUS SIZING - Measuring a generous 33.5 inches in diameter, the Pello Blanket is plenty big for
    babies and toddlers alike. Even big kids will love the Pello Blanket, which makes a great bedtime
    blankie on those chilly winter nights.
  • EASY CARE AND CLEANING - When spills and accidents happen, the Pello Blanket is a breeze to clean
    with a quick spin through the wash. The Blanket is totally machine washable and dryable, so your
    little one will be snuggling up again in no time.

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