Our Story

our story

Pello Founder Cindy Perry, a stay-at-home mom with a passion for sewing, wanted her two boys to feel safe, warm and close as she went about her busy day. To Cindy, laying the babies on the floor seemed too cold. While at a breastfeeding support group, she was inspired by a woman who brought a pillow to lay her baby on during the meeting instead of a blanket. A few months later, as Cindy was watching her six-month old baby trying to sit up and fall, she thought of that woman and the pillow again. At that moment, Pello Luxe Floor Pillow was born. Using scrap fabrics and a strong mother's intuition, Cindy created the perfect resting spot for baby – one that cuddles, protects and stimulates – and, best of all, a pillow that will meet your child's ever-changing needs.


Since 2012, Pello has grown to offer a full line of products that surround children with comfort and luxury and the recipient of many awards.