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Meet the Pello Floor Pillow … your new best friend! This innovative and one-of-a-kind floor pillow was developed and designed by a mom (just like you) out of pure need. Read all about the story of the Pello in this blog post.

Say “Hello” to the Pello Floor Pillow!

As your little ones grow, their needs will evolve dramatically.  From newborn to infant, and from infant to toddler, it seems that nothing is consistent, except for change. One mom saw her two young boys falling, flailing and floundering on her floors. She instantly knew that there had to be a better way.  So she founded Pello to make the early years a little bit softer by designing a floor pillow that would be a warm, safe space for her children to grow and learn.

Five years later, her design hasn’t changed at all, because her mother’s intuition led her straight to the perfect design. Pello’s unique donut shape cleverly provides comfort and support as your child grows through the first few years. And wouldn’t it be nice for at least one thing to be consistent?

Pello Floor Pillow

For Newborns

Unlike thin, unpadded floor mats that can hurt baby’s back or cause discomfort, the Pello Floor Pillow provides a cushioned space for baby to learn and play.

Designed with early development in mind, the gentle angles and soft edges can actually help prevent acid reflux in even the youngest newborns.

We know that you want to hold your new baby all the time, but when the real world creeps in, and you need to set your little one down for a moment, Pello will be there to cushion and cradle your baby.  But obviously, all children need supervision, so don’t go anywhere.

Pello Floor Pillow

For Infants

Those hardwood floors that were a must-have when you bought your home aren’t so great when baby joins the family.  First roll-over, first crawls and first pull-ups are better cushioned and safer when they aren’t happening on a cold, hard floor.

New parent tip.  Infants fall over…a lot.  Having a soft place to land is a must!  Even mastering sitting up is hard when you haven’t done it before.

As tummy time turns into your baby’s firsts, Pello provides a comforting home base to explore the world from.  Plus, play arches can be attached to the external loops to make a fun play zone for your little one.

Pello Floor Pillow

For Toddlers

As your child grows and gets more mobile, they’ll still love having a comfy place to flop down to read, stack blocks, or just relax. OK, maybe not the last one. But having something to sit on that doesn’t hurt your bum while you figure out how Legos work is awesome.

My daughter loves to do an exaggerated slow-motion flop into her Pello after a few minutes of chasing the dog around the kitchen and down the hall.   No word yet from the dog on how she likes the Pello, though I have caught her napping on it.

Pello Floor Pillow

Pello exists for one reason, and one reason only.  To make the world a more comfortable place for little ones. While Pello Floor Pillows aren’t a suitable place for sleeping children, moms everywhere can confirm that they make an excellent nap zone for grown-ups.

Pello Floor Pillows are machine-washable and come in dozens of designs, from rustic to modern, making them able to mesh with any design scheme.

Crafted from high-quality cotton and flame-retardant luxe brushed poly for safety and durability, Pello will last a lifetime and every item they make is super-duper easy to care for.  Unlike your little one.


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