Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Your baby’s first birthday is an important milestone. It’s the celebration of the first year of life. By now, your child is probably crawling, babbling, and even walking, so a lot has happened in the last year. You’ll be excited to celebrate the event! We grownups know that birthdays aren’t much cause for celebration at this point in our life, but it’s fun to celebrate them with children. Here are some ideas for your baby’s first birthday party.

  1. Birthday brunch.
    For your baby’s first birthday, there isn’t much cause to get crafty if you don’t want to. Your baby won’t remember the day. It’s more for the family. Pick a theme that doesn’t require much effort or cleanup.
    Babies are sweetest earlier in the day, so pick your favorite spot for a light, late-morning meal or invite the family to your home. Even though this is for the kids, you’ll still want a cake.
  2. Babies love balloons.
    Who knows why, but babies love holding, swatting and looking at balloons. Fortunately, balloons are cheap entertainment. Either buy them pre-inflated from your local party supply store or rent a compressed air tank for the day and fill them yourself. Fill your house with them for fun and your baby will enjoy it for days.
  3. Invite other kids.
    Even if your one-year old doesn’t get out much, make sure some other family or neighborhood kids can attend the event. Set up a separate and safe play area with lots of toys for the little ones to play together. Your child probably only plays with one other kid at a time at this point, so this will feel like a treat.
  4. Choose an identifiable theme.
    If you decide to go with a theme, make it something your child clearly enjoys. If your baby loves watching Sesame Street, fill your home with Sesame Street images. Top the cupcakes with the characters faces. Hang banners and wrap presents with the show’s colors.
  5. Let baby enjoy some cake.
    First birthday cake is the perfect time for a messy photo. Give your baby a piece of his/her own cake to enjoy, frosting and all. Set it on the highchair and let baby at it! When he or she has truly made a mess,
    use this time to snap a candid photo.
  6. Skip the goody bags.
    At this age, bags of little treats for kids can be dangerous, so don’t give out treats to one or two-year old guests. If you decide to give a party favor, opt for something large enough not to swallow, like a board book or soft toy.
  7. Don’t stress! Enjoy!

Some parents take this event far too seriously. Like I said, your baby is not going to remember this day. It’s more for the parents. You don’t need to hire a petting zoo, lawn tent and DJ. The best way to make the day memorable for your little one is to surround him or her with lots of family and love.

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